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How to find Gold Buyers in Wellington, FL

Whether you are trying to make ends meet, get rid of some unexpected bills or just wanting to put some extra cash in your pocket, selling gold is probably the quickest way to do so. Furthermore, today’s gold value is the highest it has been in history. So, now is the time to sell them.

Gold buyer Wellington fl
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The very first thing to do is to figure out how much gold you have by finding out the weight and Karat of your jewelry. You can do so by taking a look at the karat stamp and weigh your jewelry at a home food scale. You can then find the current price of gold at

Remember, the gold spot price is quoted for an once of pure gold.

  • 14K stamped gold has 58.5% content of pure gold.
  • 10K stamped gold has 41.7% content of pure gold.
  • 18K stamped gold has 75% content of pure gold.

If you have never sold gold in your life before, you are probably asking yourself where to find gold buyers in Wellington, FL. Believe it or not, that won’t be very hard to do. But, some places will offer you more cash than others depending on the nature of the transaction.

Here are some types of locations to consider

Pawn shops: Do a quick Google search to find a pawn shop close to Wellington, FL. Pawn shops can literally put cash in your pocket by the end of the hour. The disadvantage of using a pawn shop is that they will offer you a lower price than what you gold is really worth. This is because the shop owner is looking to resell in order to make a profit.

Jewelry stores: It’s no surprise that jewelry stores would want to buy your gold. However, you need to go to a reputable store. Otherwise, they might try to rip you off on the price.

Gold Buyer Wellington
Gold Buyer Wellington

Online: Tempting, because they usually advertise high pay outs however, do you really want to  Put your valuables in an envelope (and if you do, make sure the seller is insuring the shipment  With a high enough value to cover the expected return) ship it some place far, let them assess the value (by weight and Karat) and tell you what they thing its worth? Now, if you don’t like  The offer you will have to wait for them to ship it back to you hopefully with no damage. And within a reasonable amount of time..?