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Tips for Selling Gold to Gold Buyers in Wellington, FL

Tips for Selling Gold to Gold Buyers Buyers in Wellington, FL

With the price of gold on the constant rise, people have come across a new market to get more money in their pockets. They will sell their unwanted, old or broken gold jewelry to get it. One way that people are selling their gold is by selling their unused jewelry to companies that buy your jewelry for cash. This is a quick way to make money on something that you have not used in a long time. This is due to the simple fact that many people have a lot of unused jewelry packed away in jewelry boxes that are just collecting dust and have not even been looked at for years.

Since the price of gold has gone up a lot in recent years, this means that the older pieces of jewelry that were not overly expensive are worth a lot more than they were when they were purchased. This makes the profit layout of this method a lot better than many other methods.

Wellington Florida Gold Buyer
Wellington Florida Gold Buyer

If you follow these four simple rules you will ensure you get the best return on your gold jewelry.

  • Look up the information on the company’s physical address.
  • Make sure you use an online gold calculator to ensure you are getting the correct value for your gold. Many companies will provide you with one on their website.
  • You will find that most honest gold buyers will offer you anywhere between 70%-85%  of gold value (a difference that could amount to a substantial dollar value).
  • Make sure that if you have precious stones in your jewelry, the gold buyer will assess their value as well, many gold buyers will only pay you for gold value and nothing on the stones..
  • Ensure the company is using both electronic AND acids to evaluate the Karat content of your jewelry.

One of the main tricks that you need to know about selling your gold is finding a fair and honest Wellington gold buyer. There are a lot of shops out there that will buy your gold from you. However, you have to be leery and ensure that the company is offering you the best price for your gold. The main way to find this out is to check out as many shops as you can to ensure you find the

Cash For Gold Weelington FL
Cash For Gold Wellington FL

best one for you. Each shop will evaluate your gold jewelry (make sure the evaluation process is done right in front of you) and give you a quote as to what they think the gold is worth. This is a lot of work though sometimes as you may have to drive to other cities to get your best price however, you might be surprised to find huge differences between such shops when it comes to pay out amounts.. Always try to call the company and do a short “phone interview”.

Tips for Selling Gold to Gold Buyers in Wellington, FL


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